About the company
Kyivenergomash Research and Production Company was founded in 1993 as a Closed Corporation.

Olexandr Volodymyrovych Chugay is the Chief Executive Officer of Kyivenergomash JSC.

Kyivenergomash specializes in heat, energy, gas, and water supply services as a wholly owned subsidiary of UA International Group, Ltd.

We provide design subject to the relevant authorities approval, integrated equipment delivery, assembly, start-up, after-sale and warranty services.

We operate on tight schedule in compliance with the national standards thus ensuring high quality.

We offer construction of standalone gas boiler houses, including roof heating units, heat networks, energy, installation of gas supply systems, heat systems for industrial, residence, and private buildings, and floor heating systems.

Kyivenergomash holds the State License to perform the work and a set of relevant permits.

Kyivenergomash proposes delivery of gas and liquid fuel boilers, pumping equipment, plumbing valves, reinforced plastic pipes and plumbing fittings for reinforced plastic pipes, pipeline valves, heating radiators, etc.

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