Gas-fired plant (cogeneric installations)

In Ukraine, as well as in the whole world, energy-saving is one of the main factors that influences the development of the economy. This problem has become especially acute after the rise in prices for energy resources.

Great losses of energy appear in our country during the transportation from the place of production to the ultimate consumer. For the purpose of reduction of these losses the programmes of heat supply decentralization and introduction of alternative and renewable energy sources were developed, also the law "About combined production of electric and thermal energy (co-generation) and the use of dymp/waste energy potential" was passed.

Ukraine possesses rather big potential of introduction of co-generation technologies. Combined production of thermal and electric energy in heat supply boilers allows to establish/set up to 6 000 MWthermal of electrogenerating capacity. Industrial heat-and-power engineering possesses even more potential - around 8 000 MWthermal. With the help of co-generation it is possible to create up to 2 000 MWthermal of new capacities on the base of the gas-transport system of Ukraine. When replacing every 1000 MWthermal of used/wasted/spent capacities of thermoelectric power stations by co-generation ones one can save up to 1.5 million tons of coal equivalent per year, the reduction of harmful emissions per year will amount: CO2 - 4 million tons, NOX - 2.5-3.0 thousand tons, SO2 - 50 thousand tons, and also around 25 thousand tons of solid discharge.

The law "About combined production of electric and thermal energy (co-generation) and the use of dump/waste energy potential" passed by the Supreme Council on June 28, 2004 by overwhelming majority is of vital importance for the economy of Ukraine.

Our company jointly with an English producer of FG Wilson co-generating facilities actively introduces these energy sources into Ukraine.

Co-generating facility consists of gas reciprocating motor, generator, heat bleed system and heating system. The heat is selected from gas exhaust, (lubricating) oil cooler, and refrigerating motor fluid. At that on average for 100 kW(kilowatt) of electric capacity the consumer receives 150-160 kW of thermal power by way of hot water (90-115 ) for the heating and hot water-supply.

Co-generating devices are produced for the off-line operation or for the simultaneous operation with the net.

Projected service life of the equipment is 25-30 years and the payback is 3-4 years.

The offered facilities have an overhaul resource of 64 thousand hours and low price of running costs: gas flow is lower than 0.3 m3, oil consumption is lower than 0.3 gram for 1 kW/h.

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