Mini-Hydro Power Plant

"Kievenergomash" joint-stock company works out innovation projects for the development of minor hydropower engineering of Ukraine for the execution of measures provided by the Complex Governmental Energy-Saving Programme of Ukraine and the "Programme of Governmental Support of Untraditional and Renewable Energy Sources and Minor Hydropower- and Heat-and-Power Engineering". These projects include:

  • renovation and reconstruction of existing and functioning mini-hydroelectric power plants;
  • construction of new mini-hydroelectric power plants in the regions of decentralized power supply;
  • construction of mini-hydroelectric power plants in the regions of centralized power supply on the existing drop structures of reservoirs and waterways;
  • new construction with discharge head/pressure concentration.

The main advantage of minor hydropower engineering is low prices for the electric power. The absence of fuel factor upon receiving electric power produces positive economic and ecological results. Midget hydroelectric power plants can become a source of full energy self-sufficiency for the distant mountain regions and the regions of decentralized power supply where the consumers are industrial enterprises and isolated consumers.

The operation of midget hydroelectric power plants produces around 250 million kw-hr of electric power per year. This is equivalent to an annual savings of up to 75 thousand tons of deficit organic/fossil fuel.

Specific capital investment for the newly built hydroelectric power plants with the power of 10 MW is 1000 -1300 $/kw and with power up to 1 MW comes to 6000 - 7500 $/kw. Re-building midget hydroelectric power plants with the power of 1 MW costs from $ 0.5 till 2 million. When investing considerable funds for the construction of a midget hydroelectric power plant their operation does not require high costs, less than 2% from capital investments.

Net after-tax income is $300 thousand per year, per power plant and the recoupment of capital investment term amounts is 2:5 years.

There a total of 20 power plants available or $6,000,000.00 in annual Net Income.

The proposed investment of Ukrainian part ("Kievenergomash" joint-stock company) is 50% of the project cost.

The form of investments is capital investment and equipment delivery.

The period of validity of the proposition is 6 months.

Contact person - Chugay Oleksandr Volodimirovich - Chairman of The Board, "Kievenergomash" joint-stock company.

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