Building and reconstruction of transmission facilities

"Poltavaelectro", structural division JSC "Kyivenergomash", public corporation is created in 1993 by means of privatization of the part/share of the state ownership from the "Poltavasilelektromerezhbud" public enterprise and is an assignee of "Poltavasilelektromerezhbud" public enterprise that was created in 1963 for the fulfillment of the tasks of total electrification of Ukraine.

At the present moment "Poltavaelectro" public corporation consolidates eight subsidiary companies where more than 800 employees work:

  • in Dnipropetrovsk region: Dnipropetrovsk city, column convoy 24
  • in Donetsk region: Donetsk city, column convoy 25
  • in Lugansk region: Lugansk city, column convoy 15
  • in Poltava region: Poltava city, column convoy 4
  •                            Poltava city, production plant of Zaturinskiy industrial hub
  •                            Lubny city, column convoy 27
  • in Sumy region: Sumy city, column convoy 5
  • in Kharkiv region: Solontsave village, column convoy 16

"Poltavaelectro" public corporation possesses a complete complex of modern equipment and special structural engineering, powerful production basis that enables to act as a Main Works Contractor and ensures the placement of the objects in operation in time.

During the years of existence around 90 thousand kilometers of power lines with voltage of 0.4 - 330 kW were built by the corporation.

During the last years the main range of building and assembly jobs "Poltavaelectro" public corporation makes to order of regional energy supplying companies, "Energy Company of Ukraine" National stock company, "National Energy Company "Ukrenergo" public enterprise and other energy companies in the directions of capital construction, namely:

  • construction, reconstruction, major repairs of power lines and substations with the voltage of 0.4-10-35-110-330-750 kW.
  • projection of the power lines with the voltage of 0.4-10 kW, 35-110-150 kW.
  • construction of the 0.4-10 kW power lines on insulted wires.

"Poltavaelectro" public corporation took active part in the liquidation of the consequences of natural calamity in electric mains of Odessa region.

Productive capacities of "Poltavaelectro" public corporation enable to operate around 50 000 000.0 grn. on the construction of the power lines and electric substations.

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