Lines of activity

The main lines of KYIVENERGOMASH Joint Stock Company's activity are, as follows:

1. Design work
Design Department of JSC KYIVENERGOMASH develops designs of boiler plants, heating units, gas pipelines, heating, water supply, and water disposal systems. Design work is performed in compliance with effective standard acts.
Designs are submitted for approval of relevant authorities.
Work is performed on the grounds of the State License.
Work is carried out in compliance with the design process layout
( see Table )

2. Equipment sale
Our Company offers a complete configuration/equipment of an installation in conformity with the project. Owing to a long-term cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers of heat engineering equipment we are able to offer you the best boilers, pumps, burners, as well as other equipment and materials tested by our longstanding experience, at manufacturer's prices.
We apply a flexible discount system to considerable orders.
The goods are delivered to the Customer by our transport.
For the information about the main groups of products offered by our
Company, please, refer to EQUIPMENT Section (link).

3. Installation
KYIVENERGOMASH Joint Stock Company installs various boiler plants, heating units, heating systems, and gas pipelines. All work is performed in compliance with branch and internal standards worked out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000. Workmanship is inspected by the branch and state commissions, whose decisions constitute a ground for authorization to use the completed projects. The Company holds the state license and a package of permits issued by the state authorities and entitling to perform relevant work. All completed work is guaranteed.

4. Setup
Our company comprises a Start-up and Commissioning Department. Specialists of this Department are engaged in setup/adjustment of mounted equipment, and heat engineering testing. The Department is equipped with up-to-date measurement instrumentation being annually inspected by the agencies of the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Certification of Ukraine. The Company holds a license and permits to perform start-up and adjustment work on fuel-consuming equipment. Upon completion of start-up and adjustment work, a technical report on setup results is prepared and submitted to the State environmental inspection and energy-saving authorities for review and approval.

5. Servicing
Service Department of JSC KYIVENERGOMASH is engaged in servicing and maintenance of the equipment of heat engineering facilities and installations. Service and maintenance specialists have been trained by manufacturers of boiler equipment, they take regular training courses in order to improve their attainments and knowledge. The Service Department has service motorcars equipped with necessary implements, tools, materials and spare parts for the serviced equipment. As heating season begins, the Service Department shifts to a round-the-clock operation. The operation of boiler plants is monitored on-line by a dispatcher owing to the system of supervisory control based on Viessmann boilers. In case of any failure or malfunction in the boiler plant's operation, the dispatcher identifies the cause of faults using Vitosoft and Vitodata software systems and, if it is impossible to remove the faults remotely, contacts the line service engineer to report the event. A team being informed about the detected fault (which enables a prompt removal of faults in the system operation) is sent to the spot.

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